Troubleshoot Tips for Asus Router Issues

Asus router has introduced a number of wireless router models in such a short period of time. It is Asus router capability that making them unusual from other router groups. Generally, the majority of the router works in the same way. It is router individual working that makes difference to their identity. If you recently bought brand new Asus Router then configure your router via our expert’s advice. After going through our today’s blog you will know more about setting your router in a proper way. In a case of doubt, don’t forget to contact our experts for Asus router support. So, let’s get started now to begin to get the possible solution to your Asus router issue.

Troubleshooting Tips for unable to access web browser for configuring Asus Router

  •    Begin with clearing cookies & files that stored in your browser.
  •    Open a web browser, & look for Tools option then go to Internet option.
  •    In temporary Internet files option, tap on Delete cookies & Delete Files.
  •    Along with above-mentioned options, you need to delete proxy server setting.
  •    Follow by canceling dial-up connection & get IP address by default by configuring TCP/IP setting.

Issue of Establishing Wi-Fi Connection with Asus Router

  •    If your Router is out of range then, shift your router nearby wireless client.
  •    Try to Modify Channel Setting.

If your Router Has Authentication Issue, try these Asus Router Support Tips

  •    Check your Asus router wireless security setting.
  •    Make use of wired connection to connect Asus Router.
  •    For 5 seconds press the reset button, on router back panel.

Asus Router Is Not Accessible

  •    Press reset button for around 5 seconds, on router back panel.
  •    Verify SSID & Encryption setting in the Wireless Adapter.

Get Asus Router Support If, Wireless LAN Adaptor is not Providing the Internet

  •    Try to Place Asus Router Nearby Wireless Client.
  •    Check if Adapter is attached with required Asus Wireless Router.
  •    Is wireless channel related to the wireless channel of your country & Area?
  •    Verify Encryption Settings.
  •    Check if Cable & ADSL Connection is Exact?
  •    Try making use of Different Ethernet Cable.

The Internet Is Not Reachable

  •    Verify LED indicators on your Asus Router & ADSL Modem.
  •    Check whether WAN LED on the wireless router is blinking. If it is not blinking or ON then try using other Cable.

We have given basic issues that may prevent you from setting Up your Asus Router. If you are facing any of above-mentioned issue then feel free to take Asus router support from our team. We have an active professional team. The team is available 24/7 on the toll-free number.  In case, you want to have Live Interaction with the team then go for Live chat window support. You can also, post your comments & feedback in the Comment box. Share your views & tell us what improvement you want in our services.